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Nothing Was The Same Chord Pack [Scaler and Ripchord presets MIDI Included]

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Every dog has its day but what’s the difference between a Day and a Dynasty?

Repeat successes

Anyone can have a winning moment with a little luck but establishing an empire means you have to do it again and again

All that other bullshxt is here today and gone tomorrow

With NWTS Drake showed that Take Care was no fluke

His victory over industry the wasn’t a flash in the pan, it was the new normal

 Now at CMPKits you too can establish your dynasty with NWTS Chords, 16 tried and tested chord sequences for Ripchord, Scaler and in Midi

If that paper’s your passion you need some crowd pleaser chords in your toolbox for the samples and beats that get you in the door with new artists

Don’t hesitate to load up on the chords that kept Drake at the top of the game

[Song Midi Files not included just CHORD PROGRESSION MIDI]