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Pupil Of Society

Milieug Textures by Pupil of Society

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When you're making samples or beats are you looking for that missing piece? Do your samples sound flat and seem like there missing something? What I have found is textures and ambience tucked in the back with a little Vinyl Noise or Tape Hum can fill out a sample and bring it to life. So…. Welcome to Milieug Textures Pack! With over 150+ Textures and pads ran though guitar pedals and outboard gear and processed to give you that instant vibe. Need birds chirping? How about the background noise of a coffee shop or the vinyl hiss of a Technique 1200? This Pack Has you covered! With 6+ Bonus Song Starters and a percussion folder recorder from vinyl you are sure to find that missing piece. 50+ Real World Textures. Birds, Trains, Bus Stations, Coffee Shops, Waterfalls, And More. 50+ Synth and Instrument Textures ran through guitar pedals , Nuru, and Zulu. 50+ Viny and Tape noise. Tape Hiss, Technique 1200 vinyl noise, Numark Vinyl Noise, and More. 6+ Song Stater Loops and Compositions. Free The Breaks Percussion Folder recorder from royalty free vinyls, Huge Collection.