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Life of a Don Creator Bundle by CMP [ LIMITED ]

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Don Toliver's much anticipated album "Life of a Don" is finally here. This us a truly inspiring collection of songs that have interesting chord progressions, unique drum patterns at various tempos, and top notch sound selection on every drum kit used.

CMP has taken the time to transcribe every chord progression and create presets for Scaler and Ripchord [free chord VST] as well as include the midi files for ultimate flexibility.

The midi drum patterns have been included for every song AND the Creator Bundle includes the brand new INDUSTRY SLAP vol 2 kit. This new drum kit has been based on the sound of this album and will only be available to the 100 producers who take advantage of this bundle. See below for a peak at the size of the kit.

Use this kit to study all the unique switch ups and transitions on this album of the year contender and implement those techniques in your music today