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Industry Slap Vol. 2.0

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There are 2 types of producers...Those that get slapped by the industry and those that drop INDUSTRY SLAPS. This kit is for the latter. Once you purchase this you will download your new go to kit. Included are usable 808's of varying length for use in multiple genres. All tuned to center C. A lot of kits claim they tune their 808's to C but they are often detuned by as much as 50 cents which can make those samples make you beats sound muddy and phasey in the low end. A great mix starts with the tune and phase of the low end, this kit solves that problem.

This product may not be for you if you are looking for new creative sounds that you have heard nothing like before. The focus of this kit is not to create some awkward vibe that maybe might be the sound of a hit some day. No. These sounds are the sounds of the Industry in the 20's. We did NOT sample the sound of a cheese stick hitting a BBL and shape the ADSR into a hi hat.

What we DID do is analyze the top playlists of late 21 and 22, then we curated the best and most high quality samples to bring you this kit. The sound of the industry....Industry Slap vol. 2

As I thank you CMP has included some of his premium composition that he has been stashing since January. These are FULL COMPOSTIONS, not can loop them but if you like to chop and flip then you are really going to love these.

Check them out Below