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I Never Liked You Chords

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With I Never Liked You Future is reminding us all why he has stayed at the top of the pyramid for so long, breaking new and toxic ground

Trap is evolving. Basic triad chords won’t cut it anymore. Southside and ATL Jacob have been studying jazz musicians and weaving their magic into their trap slaps. Why haven’t you? If you thought 7th and sus chords were for R&B producers then you’re stuck in 2015. 

No need to fear, CMPKits is here to bring you into this decade

I Never Liked You Chords is a stash kit of all the chords from the album

With 16 distinct chord sequences you can curate a vibe that makes you stand out in seconds, and you never need to worry about writers block in a session with a rapper again. Put inspiration on autopilot and invest in tried and tested chords using all the music theory techniques that are going to dictate the sound of trap music for the rest of the decade

You can’t afford to be a trap producer or sample maker and not have this pack. But hurry, because it won’t be around for long! Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Just ask the people who missed out on CLB Chords 😉