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Bluff Gawd

Honestly, Nevermind [Chord Progression Presets for Scaler and Ripchord, MIDI Included]

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When the most successful person in urban music makes an unexpected move, you can cry about how you don’t like change or you can figure out what he’s doing and why

Whilst a lot of “normies” are on social media moaning about a wave of music that’s inevitable, the smart people have already started making the moves necessary to adapt and evolve

We want you to be one of those people

In 2016 Drake took a left turn and started making super listenable afrobeats in a world of hip-hop, pop and R&B. 6 years later and afrobeats is THE biggest genre producing profitable hits

Early movers in the afrobeat scene such as Burna Boy and Wizkid are picking up Grammys and plaques left right and centre

Now, with an even more shocking left turn Drake has decided to invest in the rapidly growing house and dance music scene

We at CMPKits want to give 250 members of our loyal tribe the opportunity to be first movers and tap in to the next major wave of urban music

Don’t miss your shot because Honestly Nevermind Chords are gone, they’re gone for good

Just ask the people in our emails to this day begging for CLB chords…


[Song Midi Files not included just CHORD PROGRESSION MIDI]