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Heart Strings Ripchord and Scaler Presets (Pain Loop Killer) by Asha Kole

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So it’s the season of love, you got some things you need to get off your chest?
Don't just use basic triads with no color tones. Bless your productions with
7th and 9th chords along with various other voicing and inversions. Take a
leap of faith and step outside of the scale. Use those diminished and
augmented chords. Don't be afraid to have bass tones that compliment the

tonic instead of just being an octave lower.
Now you might be saying...


"I don't know music theory"

"I rely on the scale lock because I click my notes in"

(I click my notes in to.) 

None of that matters when you have HEART STRINGS!! 
30 chord progressions inspired by Pain Music.
Such as Rod Wave, Lil Durk, Polo G, Lil Baby and others.

You can use them as they come or rearrange them to come up with your own

We took away the guesswork so you can do what you do best...


Heart Strings is compatible with Scaler 2 and RipChord (FREE)
We have also included the MIDI for you to break down and study in order to

recreate these tones in your own way.