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Ethereal Textures by Pupil

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Pupil presents Ethereal a versatile collection of unique and immersive sounds that will add character and depth to your music productions. It includes a range of vinyl noise textures, synth backgrounds, real-life atmosphere sounds, one shots(Alarms, phone notifications, Etc), and starter loops that can be used to create a captivating and authentic sonic experience. The warm and nostalgic vinyl noise textures, analog synth backgrounds, and atmospheric sounds will give your productions a distinctive character, transporting your listeners to different moods and places. The starter loops will help you jumpstart your creativity, making it easier to create music that stands out. Overall, the "Ethereal" sample pack is a must-have for producers looking to add authenticity and emotion to their samples and production.

29-IRL Atmospheres

27- Cassette, VHS, Tape, and Vinyl noise

26- Synth Background/starts

28- Classic one shots and FX

8- Starter Loops