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CMP and Asha Kole


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CMP and ASHA KOLE are pleased to present EMOTIS. This pack contains 100 original compositions ranging from soul, r&b, drill, lofi, and a variety of other hybrid genres. As usual at CMPkits this pack was produced with elite hardware set ups. On CMP's half you will hear plenty of Mellotron, Chase Bliss Blooper, and Dark world while Asha's side provides varying analog synth flavors. Put this pack in your sononym directory and match it against today's music and watch how easy it is to create a far more elite version of the so called standard!

This pack contains 100 compositions all meticulously mixed and manipulated to give each sample its own unique feel and rhythm. This is a digital download. All sound included are compatible with any DAW or sampled (44.1k).