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Drake Bundle [Scaler and Ripchord Presets and MIDI included]

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10 years ago one man released an album that put the whole music world underwater and changed the sound of R&B, hip-hop and pop forever…

For 10 years that same album has not left the Billboard Top 100, not even for a second…

For 10 years that artist hasn’t been toppled from his throne at the top of black music, using that album as the foundation of his kingdom…

The artist in question can only possibly be one man...


Every dog has its day but what’s the difference between a Day and a Dynasty?

Repeat successes

Anyone can have a winning moment with a little luck but establishing an empire means you have to do it again and again

All that other bullshxt is here today and gone tomorrow

With NWTS Drake showed that Take Care was no fluke....


Remember the Album where Drake got “Exposed” for having a Ghost Writer???

It didn’t matter… Everyone was riding around the 6 with their Whoas 

IYRTITL Chord pack is a collation of all the chords from the If You’re reading This It’s Too Late album; carefully curated and packaged so that you too, can easily tap into the energy from this album...


Certified Lover Boy has trap hits, boom bap hits, R&B smashes and everything in between. No matter the style of music you produce, there’s something here for you!


When the most successful person in urban music makes an unexpected move, you can cry about how you don’t like change or you can figure out what he’s doing and why

Whilst a lot of “normies” are on social media moaning about a wave of music that’s inevitable, the smart people have already started making the moves necessary to adapt and evolve

We want you to be one of those people...


Don’t hesitate to load up on the chords that kept Drake at the top of the game


Study these chords. Learn the subtle chord variation techniques used by the pros. Use them yourself. Say goodbye to beat block and hi to ~effortless creativity~ today

 All 5 of Our Drake Chord Packs included

[Song Midi Files not included just CHORD PROGRESSION MIDI]