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DAWN 100 Starters From CMP and Pupil

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Do you ever sit at the DAW looking at the screen and feel lost?

Are you the type of artist that likes to catch a vibe with friends and other creatives?

Making music was never supposed to be about one person sitting in front of a computer left to write every part of a composition.

Making music has always been a collaborative process.

I have been fortunate throughout my journey to be able to record and collab with guitar, saxophone, bass, piano players, and drummers and I can tell you that there is no shortage of inspiration when multiple musical minds converge.

Now Pupil and I can't be in the room with you but we made this pack to be the next best thing! 

100 starters for us all to collab with. 

Do what moves you, make a sample pack with them by adding your own bass lines, counter melodies and vox. Put them out for free or sell them. DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Load them in your MPC and finger drum over them for TIK TOK.

Or just drag them in FL and cook up some beats.

S T A R T E R S - simple musical phrases and loops to START the session. Its your job to finish. 

We look forward to hearing your sample packs and beats made with these so tap in with us!