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CLB Chords for Ripchord and Scaler [midi files included] LIMITED RELEASE

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Certified Lover Boy has trap hits, boom bap hits, R&B smashes and everything in between. No matter the style of music you produce, there’s something here for you!

With these 26 distinct chord sequences you can curate vibes in seconds, or even look under the hood and learn the science behind placement making chord sequences. 

Have you ever struggled for inspiration under the pressure of having an artist right next to you, breathing down your neck and waiting for you to curate a vibe for them?

Do you want to compose samples people will actually gravitate to and want to use in their beats, songs and placements?

Did you know that Drake’s last 5 hit songs have the same chord sequence? 

Did you even know there were 5 ways to freak 1 chord sequence??

Study these chords. Learn the subtle chord variation techniques used by the pros. Use them yourself. Say goodbye to beat block and hi to ~effortless creativity~ today