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Bluff Gawd

Aurum Vol. 1 (Drum Kit)

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Soundaurum - Aurum Vol.1

Soundaurum and Strain are glad to present - Aurum v1

The first installment of a new series of drumkits based on the idea of "New industry standard drums" to give you unique and distinct sound for any situation. Each sound has been meticulously crafted from scratch and layered with unique noises captured using my Zoom H4N recorder. Crispy snares, powerful kicks, textured hi-hats, weird percussion, unconventional vocals, and massive 808s (all tuned to C) are only some of the 300 sounds ready to cut through the mix of your next hit!

• 300 Unique sounds made 100% from scratch

• Files are WAV 44.1/khz 32bit

• Compatible with every DAW