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Abstract Vol 1 | 30 Portal Presets by Macrazy

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Introducing the OUTPUT Portal Vst Preset bank "Abstract" – the ultimate solution for music producers looking to elevate their productions. This preset bank offers a wide range of unique and experimental presets that will add a distinct character and texture to your samples and beats.

With 30 presets, this bank offers a diverse selection of abstract soundscapes, glitchy textures, ambient drones, and other innovative sounds that will take your music production to new heights. These presets have been carefully crafted by seasoned sound designer Macrazy to provide you with the highest quality sounds that are both expressive and unique.

The "Abstract" preset bank is easy to use and offers maximum flexibility to meet your creative needs. Simply load the preset into the OUTPUT Portal Vst plugin and start exploring the sonic possibilities. These presets work seamlessly with any genre of music, from electronic to hip-hop to ambient and beyond.

Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, the "Abstract" preset bank offers endless possibilities to help you achieve your desired sound. So, add this powerful tool to your arsenal and start creating music that stands out from the rest. Get the OUTPUT Portal Vst Preset bank "Abstract" today and take your music production to the next level!