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Brent Faiyaz - Wasteland Chord Pack

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Brent Faiyaz managed to defy all the odds and go #1 on Billboard as a fully independent artist with an R&B album, bucking the trends and exceeding every expectation. Without needing to sign with a major label he has managed to live out the dream every artist aspires to.

…and now you can have access to the chords he did it with.

Get inspired by the advanced R&B progressions that sound radio ready right out of the box so you can effortlessly approach every new production with peace of mind knowing that you’re using the same chords as the professionals.

With this pack you can bridge the gap between your musicality and that of greats such as Pharrell Williams, No I.D., Rapgael Saadiq, Che Pope, Coop The Truth and Jake One.

What are you waiting for?