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Bluff Gawd

To Pimp A Butterfly (Kendrick Lamar) Chord and MIDI

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To Pimp A Butterfly is the third studio album from Kendrick Lamar. Origianlly released March 15, 2015, the album went on to earn seven Grammy nominations as well as a win for Rap Album of the Year. The jazz and funk influence on the album is immediately apparent. In this chord pack you will find all of the chords used on this album allowing you to get a soulful, dreamy, psychedelic or dark foundation for your beat as quickly as you can find a couple chords that give you the vibe your looking for. To Pimp a Butterfly is a dense and intricate body of work with songs that can evoke many emotions and every preset in this kit reflect that. The chord progressions you can come up with are nearly limitless. Ripchord, Scaler and Midi included.