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Take Care Chord Pack [Scaler and Ripchord presets MIDI included]

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10 years ago one man released an album that put the whole music world underwater and changed the sound of R&B, hip-hop and pop forever…

For 10 years that same album has not left the Billboard Top 100, not even for a second…

For 10 years that artist hasn’t been toppled from his throne at the top of black music, using that album as the foundation of his kingdom…

The artist in question can only possibly be one man

It was only right that we at CMPKits acknowledge his utter dominance by taking it back to where it all started

Take Care Chords is a collation of all the chords from the Take Care album; carefully curated and packaged so that you too, can easily tap into the energy that’s dictated the sound of music for over a decade

No more second guessing if you’re building your songs and samples around the right foundation

I’m yet to name the man in question but you’ve known who I was talking about the whole time


Take Care of your career and buy now because once it’s gone… it’s gone.