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Soul Chords for Scaler LIMITED RELEASE

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In our third installment of the Chords fo Scaler series we look to vintage soul music for inspiration. These chords were sought after due to a change in CMP's long time philosophy of starting music by picking the scale first and sticking to it. When you use this pack the first thing you will notice is how many progression break the normal major/minor paradigm complete and create something beautiful and interesting. Something with .........SOUL. 

If you have scaler 2 do not forget about the performance mode on the plugin as these chords true value is their unique voicing. These voicing lend to creating effortless melodies with the aid of musical arpeggiatiors like scaler or ezkeys

Because these chords are so powerful we are limiting this release to 350 copies to make sure that your purchase provides you with an advantage in the marketplace. Our last limited release sold out in a week...don't put this off.