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Scatter Brain Vol 1

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Scatter Brain is a collection of compositions carefully crafted together to bring inspiration to producers of all kinds.  Every composition takes on a character of its own, having its own unique feel.  Let these vibes carry you to a higher level of creativity.

A mix of digital and analog gear was used in the creation of these compositions.  Curated with plugins like Omnisphere, along with the Aurtia V collection, and in conjunction with a Fender Precision Bass, the sounds were sampled through various combinations of the Roland SP-555, Handsome Audio Zulu, and the Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water.

After the sound selection/ design and arrangement process was done, every composition was run through a Shadow Hills Compressor to add harmonics and recorded back through an SSL by mixing Engineer Frequency Exclusive at Oscillation Studios to give it that electric UMPH!!!

Whether you want to chop the composition as a whole or use single elements, every composition comes complete with the stems. 


Happy Creating - Syncere


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