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Sample Makers Bundle

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The Sample Maker Bundle is collection of all of Pupil’s Tool Kits for sample makers that were released in 2021. 

This kit includes:

    • The new Scaler and Ripcord Banks (Including Midi)
    • The new One Shot Kit Un Trago
    • Milieug- Texture Library (2.6gb of noises and textures)  and Drum Break Kit.
    • Zenith- Mellotron and Analog Lab V preset bank. 

Standing out and getting a sample placed on a hit record starts with sound selection. So use the same techniques and sound designing methods as the greats. Start with some chords, and some one-shots and finish it off with some textures and breaks, be great.  

Eliminate the stress and start having fun combining sounds, chords, textures, and vintage sounds.