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Pedal Work MULTIKIT By Macrazy

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Introducing the Pedal Work MULTIKIT by sound designer Macrazy, featuring a collection of dark and exciting presets, oneshots, and drag and drop ready loops that are sure to add a unique edge to your music productions.

Crafted using a variety of guitar pedals, Macrazy has expertly created a sound that is both fresh and unconventional. From haunting pads to gritty basses, each preset has been carefully crafted to transport your music to a new realm of sonic exploration.

With a focus on deep, atmospheric sounds, the Analog Lab preset bank by Macrazy is perfect for trap beat makers, sample makers, electronic producers, composers, and anyone looking to add a new layer of creativity to their music. The bank includes over 50 unique presets, each with its own character and vibe, allowing you to explore a range of sounds and textures.

Whether you're looking to add some depth to your beats, create a cinematic soundscape, or just want to experiment with new sonic possibilities, the Analog Lab preset bank by Macrazy is the perfect choice. 

20 Presets

14 Loops

20 Oneshots