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Memphis Gold is a cheat code. PERIOD. 

This product contains one Abelton Live Template that will make producing Memphis Trap ( Moneybagg Yo, Young Dolph, Key Glock ) an effortless pursuit. The template contains 17 scenes that are each full midi drum patterns transcribed from the best memphis trap songs out now. Just add a music tracks be it a loop or melodies of your own creation and trigger one of the 17 patterns to play! If you really want to be creative feel free to mix and match the individual midi stems within each stem, there are over 300 different possible combinations so that you will never grow tired of this sound. Why continue to click the same snare and hi hat patterns and take time starting the beat when you can put your focus and attention on the part of production that really sells your music......the finishing touch!


Check out Memphis Gold In Action below