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Bluff Gawd

Float Bluff Gawd Presets [SOUND TOYS VSTs REQUIRED]

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🗣 Calling All Sample Makers 🗣

If you haven’t figured out how to get your samples to have that decadent, creamy ambience you hear on your favourite Travis and Don Tolliver songs then we might have just solved your biggest problem

Look no further than FLOAT, the Soundtoys Bundle filled with all the FX Chain flavours a sample maker could possibly need

If you ever produce songs in session with an artist and don’t have time to experiment with FX chains on the fly, we have a myriad of sound design options that you can count on to just work

Take the anxiety out of music and sauce up those dry old presets from your chosen VST today

Note: REQUIRES Soundtoys Effect Rack 31 Presets included.