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Euro Step Vol. 1 Money Mike

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From the streets of London to the beats of your next big placement ... 

Money Mikes presents Euro Step: 15 Vintage Compositions that feel like cruising down the German Autobahn in an immaculately well maintained 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS... scintillating.

These compositions were meticulously crafted to be the crown on any song they’re used in, accessorising your artist with splendour and regality. The music is bejewelled with a diverse set of analog sounds, textures and effects with real depth and character, guaranteed to spark inspiration in any competent producer.

The stems are well worth the extra outlay, giving you the opportunity to manipulate samples on a deeper level and make many excellent one shots.

To establish the quality fitting for an elite product, where most producers would use a plugin we used real gear that plugs in to a wall including:

  • UAD 4-710D Preamps
  • Aphex Exciter (a physical one not that Waves bullsh*t)
  • Lexicon Reverb (again, real)
  • SSL Fusion
  • Ampex Tape
  • Various pieces you don’t deserve to know about if you’ve never watched a 2 hour CMP or MG The Future Stream