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Drill Devil Ableton Live Template

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The second genre in our Ableton Live Template series is the ever elusive Drill Music. The template is the cheat code you have been searching for! Included are enough midi clips to make over 300 unique combination BEFORE you even consider customization which will lead you to an endless supply of quality drill music it. Stop zooming in on youtubers piano rolls to count how may steps between the hit hats and snares and load up Drill Devil launch a few clips and focus on the samples, melodies, and most importantly......the bass lines. We have also included the essential Drill Drum Kits pre loaded into drum racks so that you don't have to think about sound selection! Seeing these drums in the drum rack and simpler will allow you to recognize drums in your personal kits that will be suitable for the genre ultimately making it so easy to build your own drill kit and more importantly establishing your own sound!