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Bluff Gawd and Money Mikes

CLB MIDI DRUMS and Samples by Bluff Gawd and Money Mikes

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Is Drake bigger than Michael Jackson? Probably not but MJ’s drums won’t get you any placements in 2021 or beyond. 

You could continue to struggle and agonise for days and hours, trying to get your drums right and wondering why you can’t quite get that bounce. Or you could do the smart thing and take inspiration from the most successful artist of this era - learn from the pros. We can’t make you into a platinum producer but we can certainly make you sound like one!

We’ve taken Drake’s drum samples and pulled every drum pattern from the album and packaged it into an easy to use folder. With this kit you’ll be able to effortlessly make beats that rappers and singers will jump on without hesitation. Mere minutes from crap to trap to SLAP 

For less than half the price of a playstation game you too could be Losing Stress And Finding Peace with beats that will definitely win you New Friends In The Industry

Step right up and become a Certified Drummer Boy!