A MUSICAL JOURNEY ADELE - [Scaler and Ripchord presets MIDI Included]

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Have you ever felt like you have gone through “Hell and Back” dealing with chaos in your life? That’s what Adele said when she interviewed with Apple Music during her latest album release ’30’


‘There’s not an occasion or a scenario or a feeling where there is not the perfect song for it somewhere.’ I really do believe, and I’m not being arrogant or anything like that here, it’s just like, it was my hell, but I really went to hell and back,” Adele said.


And guess what? She was not lying. You can open up your streaming

Platform of pleasure turn on 30, and there isn’t going to be a track you

Can’t relate to or “Feel”.


All of Adele’s albums are like that really. From her first release 19

All the way to 30.


Over the years Adele has collected 15 Grammy’s and has sold over 22 million copies of her music worldwide.


Now I am not saying, you can take this preset pack and make Adele hits…

But, you can take this preset pack and Make hits Adele style with your own

Flavor added to it. Like you know when your girlfriend or boyfriends makes your favorite meal. But it never taste quite like your moms, but its still good and its still your favorite.


This preset pack takes you on Adele’s Musical Journey, from the beginning

When she had hit songs like ‘Chasing Pavements’, ‘Hello’, ‘When we were young’ all the way to 30 where she has given us, ‘I Drink Wine’, and ‘Easy on Me’


You want to make Grammy tracks, you gotta have Grammy chord progressions. A Musical Journey: Adele gives you just that.


You will receive, Scaler Presets, Ripcord Presets (Ripchord is free go get it) and if you are feeling fancy and do not want to utilize the Ripchord and Scaler tools, you will also received the midi.


Now go make your Grammy winning Track! We are giving you the tools here at CMPKITS.COM now go and create magic!